We're closed!

To be honest, we're just not fans of SocialEngine. SocialEngine has been a confusing company to do business with and the developer atmosphere isn't what we consider healthy.

That said, we're huge fans of PHPFox, a SocialEngine alterenative. They're great to work with and very developer-friendly.

Check out PHPFox!

Looking for SocialEngine plugins, mods, and modifications?

We have an online store for PHPFox plugins at Check us out!

Looking for custom PHP development?

You can find our corporate site here. We're a small team of four and we write custom code for a living. If you've got a project that needs creating and a minimum budget of $2,500, we can help you. Contact us using our form on that site.

Will we ever come back to SocialEngine?

No. Probably not. Maybe. It's classified. Basically, if SocialEngine's team got a hold of us and told us they were releasing a new app store where SocialEngine customers could buy our products directly through their admin control panel (or something like that - similar to how Wordpress plugins work), we might be interested. Short of that, we have no interest in creating plugins for a system that wont help us sell it.